Day Programs and Activities

Our Support can make your life better!

Day Programs and Activities

Our Support can make your life better!

Each NDIS participant has unique goals and aspirations. At Beyond Choice, we understand this and tailor our day programs and activities accordingly. We design these to be fun and engaging environments where you can develop new skills, connect with others, and reach your full potential as per your NDIS plan. At Beyond Choice you can benefit from our day programs and activities in Truganina, Werribee, Geelong, South Morang, South East and other areas of Victoria, Queensland and NSW.

Socialisation and Connection

If your goal is to build meaningful friendships, we ensure that you achieve it through exciting group activities, outings, and social events tailored to your choices. Through our support, you will be able to connect comfortably with like-minded individuals and build a strong support network.

Skills Development for Everyday Life

Our programs go beyond just having fun. We offer practical activities that equip you with valuable skills for daily living, such as cooking, budgeting, using public transport, and more. Our experienced team empowers you to experience a newfound independence and lead your life comfortably.

Explore Your Creativity and Interests

Our Support can make your life better!

Is art your language? If so, we can arrange a diverse range of creative and leisure activities where you can enhance your craft and discover new ones. Your happiness and overall well-being are our priority, so we will celebrate even the small wins and ensure that we always cater to individual needs within group settings.

Beyond Choice strives to support you at each step by working closely with you to provide individualised support. We understand the core NDIS principle of "Choice and Control," so our support ensures that your choices are always taken into consideration at each step. By conducting regular reviews to track your progress, we adapt the program to ensure it continues to meet your evolving needs. Our day programs and activities offer a fun and engaging way to develop new skills and explore your interests.

Here is what we offer assistance with:

  • Expand your cooking knowledge by whipping up delicious dishes.
  • Enjoy swimming at the Aquapulse.
  • Strike up some friendly competition with a game of 10-pin bowling.
  • Relax at a coffee shop while doing some crafting.
  • Unleash your creativity in our kid's corner.
  • Enjoy a delightful lunch surrounded by friendly faces.
  • Explore hidden gems and connect with your community during our community exploration outings.
  • Catch a film on the big screen with our movie days.
  • Find hidden treasures on a visit to your local opp shops.

If you wish to know how we can elevate your NDIS plan and ensure you receive maximum benefits from it, feel free to contact us.

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